on Sunday, 01 April 2012.

Learn to read Japanese the intuitive way...


A dream come true for students and instructors of written Japanese. Learn kanji while you are reading Japanese! It's fast, informative and fun. KanjiLynx is a full-fledged learning program, not just another 'electronic dictionary' bombarding you with lists of kanji. Whether you are just a beginner or are looking for your next Japanese newspaper to conquer, KanjiLynx will help you learn to read and understand the material of your choice faster and more easily than you ever thought possible!

Working with KanjiLynx

  • Learn kanji and kana while you are reading Japanese
  • Read first and learn the details of individual kanji along the way
  • Listen·to words and phrases spoken with digital sound (coming soon)
  • See·how each kanji is drawn - stroke by stroke
  • Print·out any words you encounter and want to review later