KanjiLynx is ideal for...

on Thursday, 17 May 2012.

Students - Whether you're taking a high school or college-level Japanese language class, studying at a Japanese language school, working privately with a tutor, or struggling on your own, KanjiLynx will dramatically increase the pace and ease at which you learn and retain written Japanese.

Instructors - Motivate your students with this excellent tool. Use it to supplement your materials, and improve your results.

Translators - Polish your kanji and knowledge of compounds. Develop custom lists of kanji and compounds for your field of experience.

Tourists and Business Travelers - Impress your Japanese clients and friends with your knowledge of Japan; no other program teaches you so much so quickly. Get a jump-start by learning to read city and sign names, maps, and even restaurant menus.

Employees of Japanese Companies - Quickly familiarize yourself with the array of unfamiliar signs and messages you see every day at work.


Why should I choose KanjiLynx?

Variety KanjiLynx gives you more than just one way of studying written Japanese. For example, as well as memorizing kanji, you can practice reading stories, use your own personal notes & email, learning as you read, or learn practical uses of kanji as seen in supermarkets, restaurants, street signs, city names, etc. Try it and see, free trial!

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